Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fearless Females # 25 & 30 Words of Wisdom and Childhood Lessons

Thank you to Lisa at The Accidental Genealogist for the great Fearless Females prompts for the month of March. Prompt # 25 & 30. Tell how a female ancestor interacted with her children.  Was she loving or supportive?  A disciplinarian?  A bit of both? Did you receive any advice or words of wisdom from your mother or another female ancestor? 

March is running short for me, so this will be my final post for the Fearless Females Series, which has been interesting, fun and sometimes surprising as to what wells up to the forefront of my brain.  The following is my response to the above two prompts.


Round little tummy,
wiggling arms and legs,
not much for coordination,
but the eyes are watching.

No crooning voice,
no hugging nor teasing ways
to teach a tiny babe,
so the eyes are watching.

Toddler legs and arms
learn to run and grasp,
no cues of words or praise,
learning is from watching.

Schooling's a pain,
teachers talk and talk,
and never do the walk, 
outmoded ways not to work, watching.

Now another tiny babe 
hears no mother's voice.
 T'is not right, this silence
that starts anew the watching. 

Years go by, learn to give voice
to thoughts and feelings
Still, old ways remain.
Understanding others - by watching.

No to glassy stares, clenched jaws,
'n' the heart beat in the cheek.
Give me your voice, will not guess
by watching and watching.

Then the shock anew,
talkers talk and talk, 
assault the ear with sermons,
whines, pontifications, chatter;

Drone on with harangues, blather,
monologues, prattle, innuendo,
bombast, gossip, rumor, trash,
and still the watcher, watches.

Does the talk match the walk?
Does the outside meet the inside?
Congruent of heart, mind, and action?
The watcher only knows by watching,


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