Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fearless Females # 20 Something There Is That Doesn't Love A Wall

Thank you to Lisa at The Accidental Genealogist for the great Fearless Females prompts for the month of March. Prompt # 20 Is there a female ancestor who is your brick wall?

"Something There Is That Doesn't  Love A Wall."  So says Robert Frost.  So listen up my Elizabeth, you might be  Cherokee, or could be Chocktaw or Chicasaw, but "let that frozen ground swell up under my wall, let it fling stones to the ground."  I want a gap through which I can enter your world.  So Elizabeth Duty, tell me the names of your mother and father, "spill the boulders into the sun", and I a good great-great-great granddaughter will  be.  That wall will become a path over which we both shall trod  --- you leading the way, me placing stones where I shall follow.


  1. Joan, the email address didn't come through. Mine is yarsan@aol.com

  2. Very creative! I love how you approached that prompt! I have really enjoyed reading your Fearless Female series of posts! Can't believe I am so behind in my blog reading - SO glad I got to catch up with yours first! Great start to my day! :)

  3. I have empathy with your yearnings. I have some that I will ask to just speak to me. Surprisingly, one finally did through a picture. Maybe your Elizabeth will find a way. I hope so.

  4. I wish someone in my ancestry would whisper the name of my great-grandfather's father! Who was he and what happened to him!