Monday, March 29, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: McPherson History, Letters from Uncle Ralph

Amanuensis: a person employed to take dictation or copy manuscripts.

I read about Amanuensis Monday in Heather Rojo's blog "Nutfield Genealogy," who read about it in  Randy Seaver’s blog “GeneaMusings” and he read about it on John Newmark’s genealogy blog “TransylvanianDutch”.  That said,  for me this is a great way to transcribe and post my Uncle Ralph's letters.

My McPherson genealogy work has been taking a back seat -- for a number of reasons. So it seems to be an excellent idea to follow the lead of a number of people who are using Monday's for transcription.  The following two letters are some of my Uncle Ralph's shorter missives; the first is just a one-pager and the second, a four-page chat about nothing in particular, which he likens to "junk mail." Olive, Verna, Helen, Margie and Bertha are his sisters; Leone, his daughter.

Dear Olive and Norman,

Just a line as I received you card & note yesterday & I had just mailed you a letter. Also had a letter from Verna & she said they were pulling a U-Haul trailer & were leaving the 20th.

(Husband) & Leone are taking us out to dinner tonite. Do us good to get away from the place. Norman isn’t the only one that should walk more often. I really need to.

Looks like the sun is trying to come out shore hope so, I don’t like dreary weather.

Well this is just a note will let you know how I get along.

Ralph & Sally

~ ~ ~

Dear Olive & Norman
So nice to get your letter & thanks for making out the list of birthdays. Found a book of Margies listing Birthdays, anniversaries & xmas card list, but there must be a 1000 people on it & she crowded everything in so it s hard to make out. Some of it, needless to say I didn’t know 4/5ths of the people on it.

Had a nice letter from Bertha yesterday. I think she is getting better aquainted and playing a little bridge so maybe she will like it better. Also she said her places was air conditioned so guess she will be comfortable as 100% heat and 90% humidity is rough. We are having beautiful weather, 85 to 95 but a cool breeze from the ocean so mostly we just have to run the fan & don’t have to use the compresser.

Also over the news San Diego is the highest priced place to live in the US. 9% higher than the next highest. Also on the census figures San Diego County is the fastest growing county in the state with an increase in population of 668,000 in the last 10 years with North County in the lead. Escondido close to 80,000 & still only the 5 largest in the county.

I am feeling fine now. No bother at all except I have to go back to Dr. Riffle for an examination every couple of mos. Next visit the 15 of Aug.

(Husband) and Leone & the 2 youngest are on vacation now for a week or so. She said she would call when they got back. We haven’ been making any drives thru the back country lately but Sallys sister & brother in law will be down to Salana Beach as soon as the races start at Del Mar so we will go over a couple of times then but not to the track although Del Mar is going to a 5-10 set up the same as TiaJuana.

Felt any quivers up there from Mt Lassen, these so called experts are all excited now & figure theres abut 8 or 9 mts from St Helens to Lassen that could blow their top. I think mostly the tops are on the experts. Last time Lassen erupted most of the rocks went down the N.W. side mostly no one knows wether all that Lava rock is from Lassen or Mt Mazuma (Crater Lake) because no one knows when she blew but when she did she threw rock in every directions for 300 mi & not small pebbles either.

Tell Verna I’ll write to her & not wait till her finger gets OK &; tell Helen I’ll write to her also. All you people up there is like being on vacation, but theres enough work to be done it do(unreadable) boring.

Almost time for the mail man so guess better get this in the mail. Write when you can.

Ralph & Sally

{An upside-down note at bottom of page}This is almost like getting junk mail

~ ~ ~ 

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