Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking for Answers

Recently I found pictures on FindAGrave.com of Jabez Burns'(1801-1876) gravestone, as well as a picture of the entrance to the Paddington Old Cemetery in London. I am currently researching and writing about my Burns-McPherson family and I would like to use these pictures, both on this RootsNLeaves blog as well as the book I am researching and writing. I had written the person who posted the pictures for permission to use the pictures. However,it has been over three weeks and I have had no response.

My question: Are the pictures on FindAGrave.com open for public use? Is it OK to just cite the web page as well as the creator of the pictures, even though I do not have permission to use the pictures? It seems that this is a normal courtesy gesture.

If any one can give me some guidance in this area, I would be most appreciative?


  1. Technically, if you read ALL the fine print on FAG, the person who posted the photo has copyrights to it. PERIOD. My understanding is that many submitters are quite protective of their photos, especially when they are used without permission first.

    Story: I sent in suggestions, 2 to same man, asking for links to the parents. He did one right away. The other never was done. Did not make sense to me. So, I found his email addy, and forwarded the original request to him, joked that maybe the request was in cyberspace somewhere never to be found again, noted he did the first linking request right away, and could he please do this one. Next AM found email from him, yep, my 2nd request, the one he did not do, had gone zip. He did the link as soon as I emailed him. Email sometimes does not get through via Find A Grave, lots of it goes to cyberspace and lots more goes to your SPAM box.

    SO, suggest you write the person again, maybe the email went MIA, maybe the person has been on vacation, sick, or is snowed in in Washington DC ?? (OK, sick joke! Sorry east coasters!)

    I have copied a lot of photos from FAG, and placed in my data base. Most I will never publish, BUT, I have on the caption of EVERY photo "Photo courtesy of Find A Grave and XXXXX" XXXXX is the name of the submitter of the photo.

    One family line I do intend on publishing, so, I have contacted the submitters of those photos, and so far, have received permission to use them all, said persmissions have been saved for my records.

    By the way, posting the photos to your own web site, or someplace like Ancestry is considered PUBLISHING to many over at Find A Grave.

    Good luck, I would be trying again.

  2. That sounds like excellent advice. So far, I've only 'gleaned' one photo from findagrave, but then I've not asked for any, either. Hmmm, wonder why I've not done that...

    And I wrote and thanked the woman who did the photo. I need to write and ask if I could post it with her permission and giving Find a Grave the credit, as he's a link that STOPS cold with him, and who knows, maybe someone, somewhere, will have my answers...