Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank for Happy 101 Sweet Friends Award

Thank you to Greta at Greta’s Genealogy Bog, Carol at Reflections From The Fence, and Renate at Into The LIGHT for choosing me for the Happy 101 Sweet Friends Award. I especially appreciate their thoughts and nice words, as I am a fan of all three of their blogs.

As Carol mentioned in her blog, things happen at the most appropriate time. For me the past two months have been difficult. I had foot surgery on December 7th. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, and it turned out to be slogging through murky dismal swamp. So as I write down the things that make me happy, I thank the three of you for reminding me of the following :

1. Of course, my family, my husband of 56 years (yes, I was a child bride), 3 wonderfully brilliant and interesting children, and 4 grandchildren for whom I am a doting grandmother.
2. My sister Sue. She is my best (two legged) friend and my most devoted and energetic fan of my writing. In addition she is just good company.
3. Going out on my deck and watching Orion move across the sky, and especially my favorite star Sirius.
4. Looking out the window in my office and seeing my flock of Peacocks (only 11, to date), or our resident deer making their way across the hillside.
5. Taking a cup of tea down to my fish pond, and just enjoying the morning (a deferred joy, until the weather warms up).
6. Coming down my hillside road at Christmas time to a wonderful fairyland of lights( a joy that I keep in my memory bank until next December.)
7. My good fortune to have found my way into the great writing groups; the writers and researchers here at Geneabloggers and my writing/critique groups in Ashland.
8. “Being on the search.” Running down a story, whether through interviews, census reports, newspaper articles, peering at old documents stuffed in out of the way nooks and crannies.
9. Going out on a “research trip,” which means packing computer, scanner, GPS, camera and Coll and heading out to the hinterlands to meet all the interesting characters along the way.
10. Lastly, but certainly not the last in importance, is my best friend, of the four-legged kind, Colldubh. Coll is my big, black German Shepherd. He goes in and out with me; he is always happy to see me and be with me; he is my ever constant companion.

Now, to passing this HAPPY 101 SWEET FRIENDS AWARD on to other bloggers is easy, but also hard. There are so many wonderful blogs out there. It makes it hard to choose, but here are some of the ones I enjoy.

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  1. You're so welcome, Joan. Love your list - especially the peacocks.

  2. Thanks so much for giving me my very first blog award! I really appreciate that you read my blog.

  3. Wow, thanks Joan! You live in such a beautiful place. Thank you for reading my blog, ABT UNK!

  4. Thanks, Joan! The award is much appreciated! I enjoy your posts, and have returned the favor with another Happy 101 award for you! Blessings to you!

  5. Thank you so mcuh for the kind recognition. It definately gave a nice start to 2010.

  6. Joan, I do LUV your "Happy List!" You and your comments are much appreciated, and are always welcome at my "blog-home." Thank you for thinking of me for this one. V.