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The list was complied by my great-great grandfather James Peter McPherson, acting in his capacity as town clerk. On May 23rd, 1850, J. P McPherson first set foot in Springdale after leaving New York City, traveling up the Hudson River to Albany, then by “canoe boat” through the Erie Canal. In Buffalo, the family transferred to the Steamer “Globe Sterns” for the trip on the Great Lakes, and finally by wagon from Milwaukee to Madison. So to me, it is quite surprising that J. P. McPherson so quickly became a town leader. However, there may not have been many of the townsfolk who could read and write well. The following is from the Centennial History Township of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin 184-1948, p.140.

There is no indication of why this Militia List was drawn up; however, the “old timers” relate that “there were numerous indians in the area when the first white settlers arrived in 1846.”


James P. McPherson Foster Thomson
Barnet Brink John L. Bartell
Thos. Anderson Franz Bartell
John Edi Erie Olson
James Lyle Harold H. Huff
Abram Jacket James Arney Huff
William Thomson Hets Hulverson
George Harlow Tony Lee
Richard Blackburn John Olson
Thomas Blackburn William Dryden
William Blackburn Krund Mikelson
Thomas Thomson A. H. Ashmore
Michael Brown H. H. Dryden
Levi Jacket A. Malone
Michael Jacket Hawley Childs
Samuel Whalley David Bright
William Jackman Morgan L.Curtis
John Oley Hanry Boland
James Connor William Morigh
William W. Kechnie Philander Hash
James W. Kechnie Andrew Hash
Ole Hansen William Anderson
Hendrich Johnston Thomas Bentley
Evor Losen Henry Olson
Lever Anderson Toston Tostonson
Andrew Knudson Lurs Stinson
Ole Finhert John Michel
Ole Hauvdet Lanford Shumhumway
John Knudson Henry H. Lewis
Knud Knudson Edmund Spears
Knud Sorenson W. J. Reed
Ole Sorenson Henry Davis
Gilbert Olson Laurence Smith
Michael Larson William Cairncrop

Springdale, Dane Co., Wisconsin, July 1st, 1852. The above is a full return of the able bodied males between the ages of 18 and 45 years of age residing in said town, so far as I could ascertain by diligent inquiry. James P. McPherson

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