Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advent Calendar December 8 Christmas Cookies

Making Christmas cookies in my family has been a spotty proposition. I dinna ever remember my mother making Christmas cookies. For that matter, I dinna remember making Christmas cookies with my children. Shoestring ranching; then getting a degree in veterinary medicine, a BA degree in History,and several part time jobs, all took its toll on the fun things like making and decorating Christmas cookies when our children were of an age to enjoy cookie makng.

Later when the grandchildren came along, and my daughter-in-law Jody became my cooking partner, cookie making became a holiday activity. Jody and I would make and roll out batch after batch of sugar cookie dough, The grandchildren loved the kitchen drawer full of cookie cutters -- big stars, little stars, angels, a variety of Santa's, reindeer and sleighs, bells of all sizes and shapes, and the children's favorite set of three gingerbread man cookie cutters. Tiny little hands would sometimes make very elongated Santa's, stars that looked like they had melted like wax, and other creations that had a vauge resemblance to the cookie cutter outline

Pan after pan of cookies would come out of the oven with many very unusual shapes. Not to worry, provide a child with enough tubes of colored frosting, sprinkles, tiny silver balls and other decorating medium, there will emerge platters of decorated Christmas cookies--of many unusal and unique shapes and coloration.

I never cared that much about making and decorating cookies, but I did love those winter afternoons when Jody, my grandchildren and I would make Christmas cookies.

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  1. Hi Joan! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    Christmas cookies were always hit or miss in my family, too. : )