Thursday, December 3, 2009

Advent Calendar December 4 Christmas Cards

I love going down to the mailbox in December and pulling out a handful of Christmas cards.

I love getting Christmas cards.

I read all of those long newsy letters.

Christmas cards that I receive are prominently displayed through the holidays.

I keep all of my Christmas cards, I dinna know why. Might need to know who sent me a card in 1983, or 1976, or whatever year, if I can find the right box.

But, --- I haven't sent out Christmas cards ---- goodness sakes, I don't remember when. I haven't even thought about it until now. Will I change my slackard ways? Maybe,-- perhaps,-- I think so. I may never send out the quantity of cards that I did in the early days of my married life, but there are people that I want to keep in my life.

During this last year, I have been reaching out to my McPherson family and have found cousins of some degree or other in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Arizona, and even one in my home state of Oregon. I dinna want to lose those connections.

So, I now have layed out a stack of Christmas cards, a stack of a picture( taken of my family at our 50th wedding anniversary bash), a couple of folders of stamps. I have the perfect pen for writing cuz I dinna create a Christmas letter on the computer --- I am a bit old fashioned about my Christmas cards.

I can do it! What a wonderful thing --- this Advent Calendar of Memories. I remembered why sending Christmas cards are important.


  1. I love receiving them, too, Joan, and also sending them, although I've been known to mail them out in January some years when life got in the way during the month of December. Nothing like a beautiful Christmas card or letter to brighten someone's day. I hope you get yours out this year as you hope to!

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  2. I love the old tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards, like you said it's a way of staying in touch. What would we have to blog about if all of our ancestors threw many of these traditions away and thought it was troublsome. I love getting them in the mail each day, something to look forward to other than junk mail and bills. Have fun doing your cards this year! Thank you for your lovely post.

  3. I love Christmas cards, too, and they're a great way to connect with people you don't get to see very often. I'm sure your cousins will love to get yours!